Greek seas

Greek seas attract tourists with its clear water, variety of opportunities for relaxation and beauty of the coast bays. Each of them has its own characteristics and unique character.Most of the beaches are covered with pebbles. The water from the sea coast has a turquoise color, which gives way to a dark blue color with increasing depth. Among the Aegean Sea resorts Santorini island is the best one. If you come here from Crete, be sure to visit Santorini excursions for cruise passengers.

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What do Greek women need for happiness

If you accidentally find yourself on January 8 in the north part of Greece, you’ll confuse the current date to International Women's Day. This day is a national holiday celebrated by women or rather, it is a female festival called Yinekokratia.The epicenter of the festival areMonoklisia and Nea Petra villages. There gather women from all the country. Greek tradition is not quite like the traditional Women's Day. Men embark on the chores around the house and raising children, and their halves provide well-deserved rest day.

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Favorite Christmas sweets and Greek origin of their names

Snow-covered sugar qurabiya and sweet honey melomakarono are one of the symbols of Christmas and New Year in Greece. The origin of the names of these sweets is Greek. The name Biscotto was strengthened only in the Middle Ages, derived from the Latin word bis-cuit (biscuit), which means «baked twice». A method of double baking was used in avoid rapid deterioration bread intended, in particular, for the soldiers and sailors.